Timeline TETI activities

Creation of TETI by Gabriel Gee, Maria João Matos, and Michelle Stefano
[text] The Volunteer’s fresco, a project by Vincent Fradet for the square Charles Floquet in Rueil-Malmaison, France. With a commentary by Gabriel Gee

[text] Architecture 5, by Paul Pouvreau, With a commentary by Gabriel Gee.
[interview] Mapping Baybrook, an interview of Professors Steve Bradley and Nicole King by Michelle Stefano

[exhibition] 21.02-07.03 Weathermen, solo exhibition of Conor Mc Feely at Franklin University, Lugano, curated by Gregory McCartney & Gabriel Gee
[text] Liquid, Measure and History: Notes on Conor Mc Feely’s Weathermen, text accompanying the exhibition of the work of Derry based artist Conor McFeely at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. 

[workshop] 22-23.05, Changing representation of nature and the city: the 1960s-70s and their legacies. Interdisciplinary workshop held at Franklin University, Lugano, CH
[interview] The Elizabethan Collars, Conor McFeely responds to Gabriel Gee

[exhibition] 23/04-22/05 Spooky Action at a Distance (Artes Mechanicae and Witch’s Cradle), an exhibition curated by Gabriel Gee and Dimitrina Sevova, with Amélie Brisson-Darveau, Andreas Marti, Conor McFeely, Mareike Spalteholz.
[workshop] 09/05: Machination of the spectre of the invisible hand, workshop and lecture performance by Raphaëlle Bidault-Waddington at Corner College
[interview] 22/05: Discussion between the artists and curators. Discussion with Cathérine Hug on "The" Black Square. Lointain, sound intervention by Brandon Farnsworth, Benjamin Ryser, Hannah Walter at Corner College.
[interview] We Were Here, Andreas Marti responds to Gabriel Gee on his recent pieces showcased within the exhibition.
[interview] The Prisoners’ cinema, Conor McFeely responds to Gabriel Gee on his recent project showcased within the exhibition.
[interview] Dublin Ships, Cliona Harmey responds to Gabriel Gee; discussing her 2015 project.

[interview] Made in Taiwan, Yang Mao Lin in conversation with Gabriel Gee

[publication] Art in the North of England: 1979-2008, Gabriel Gee, Routledge, An Ashgate book
[interview] Roll On Roll Off, artist Marie Reinert evokes maritimes spaces and fluxes, gestures and labor in a discussion with Gabriel Gee (French)

[publication] Changing Representations of Nature and Cities: the 1960s 70s and their legacies, Gabriel Gee & Alison Vogelaar (eds), Routledge.
[publication] Buon Lavoro! Four films on workers' communities, Cora Piantoni, Archive Books.
[publication] From loss to survivals: on the transmission and reconstruction of artistic gestures, Intervalla, Vol.5, 2018, Gabriel Gee (ed)
[interview] Stories & places: from fish to textile, through river and gardens, Wu Mali in conversation with Gabriel Gee, Singapore.

[exhibition] 20-22/04: All so Near: Textile-Bodies, China Girls and Archi-Finance, an exhibition curated by Gabriel Gee at Künstlerlhaus FAKTOR , Hamburg, Germany. With Amélie-Brisson-Darveau, Johanna Bruckner & Cora Piantoni
[event] 21/04: Artists talk with Amélie Brisson-Darveau, Johanna Bruckner, Cora Piantoni, mediated by Vanessa Nica Mueller. 
[exhibition] 05/05-23/06: Hinterland, a group exhibition in two parts curated by Gabriel Gee & Anne-Laure Franchette, at Corner College, Zurich, Switzerland. 
[exhibition] 05/05-26/05: Part 1: The eyes of the lighthouse. With works and interventions by Cliona Harmey, Monica Ursina Jäger, Salvatore Vitale, & VOLUMES library 
[event] 11/05: Seen Unseen, Salvatore Vitale in conversation with Lars Willumeit.
[workshop] 25-27/05: Maritime Poetics: from Coast to Hinterland, a research encounter supported by Swiss National Fond. With Vanessa Hirsch, curator (Altonaer Museum, Hamburg), Giuliano Sergio (curator, School of Art, Urbino), Johanna Bruckner (artist, zhdk, Zurich), David Jacques (artist, Liverpool), Alice Butler (AEMI, Dublin), Cliona Harmey (artist, NCAD Dublin), Anne-Laure Franchette (artist, Zurich), Tuula Narhinen (artist, Helsinki), Alison Vogelaar & Brack Hale (Franklin University, CH), Gregory Collavini (Artist, photographer, Fribourg), Johannes Hedinger (artist, CH), Gabriel Gee (Franklin University, CH), Caroline Wiedmer (Franklin University, CH), Monica Ursina Jäger (artist, Zurich), Damian Christinger (independent curator, Zurich), Cora Piantoni (artist, Zurich, TETI), Conor McFeely (artist, Derry), Aurèle Ferrier (artist, Zurich), Bryan Biggs (Curator, Liverpool), Claudia Stöckli (artist, Zurich), Dorota Lukianska (artist, Gothenburg). 
[event] 26/05: Light and land, artist talk with Cliona Harmey & Monica Ursina Jäger
[exhibition] 02/06-26/06: Part 2: Blood as a rover. With works and interventions by Jürgen Baumann, Gregory Collavini, David Jacques, Tuula Närhinen, Claudia Stöckli, & VOLUMES Library. 
[event] 02/06: Borderless poetics in fluidity, performance by Claudia Stöckli, accompanied by Michael Cerezo 
[event] 19/06: In contact with the wild, discussion with Michael Günzburger & Lukas Bärfuss
[event] 26/06: Publication launch: Changing Representations of Nature and Cities: the 1960s 70s and their legacies, Gabriel Gee & Alison Vogelaar (eds), Routledge 2018