the eyes of the lighthouse; blood as a rover

@Cliona Harmey 2018

An exhibition at Corner College, Zurich, 
May-June 2018
curated by Gabriel Gee & Anne-Laure Franchette
with P1: Monica Ursina Jäger, Cliona Harmey & Salvatore Vitale
P2: Jürgen Baumann, Gregory Collavini, Tuula Narhinen & David Jacques

'Maritime poetics: from coast to hinterland'

A workshop organized by Gabriel Gee, at Corner College, Zurich, with the support of the Swiss National Research Fund and Franklin University, 25-27th May 2018


'All so Near: Textile Bodies, Chinagirls and Archi-Finance'

@Amélie Brisson Darveau 2018

An exhibition at Faktor Künsterlhaus, Hamburg, 20-22 April 2018,
with Amélie Brisson Darveau, Johanna Bruckner & Cora Piantoni
curated by Gabriel Gee

Roll On Roll Off: artist Marie Reinert evokes maritimes spaces and fluxes, gestures and labor in a discussion with Gabriel Gee (French)

@Marie Reinert